LEAD SOUND-DESIGN "Kosmik Revenge" (Video Game)

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"The Japanese videogames market is one of the world's biggest, but it's also one of the most difficult to enter for foreigners."
September 2015 : NOW published by Teyon Japan公式. Banzai !

Press quotes:
Videogamebreak.net (...) The music is damn good (...) let's just say it's awesome. Have a listen for yourself. (...)
Supergamedroid.com (...) fantastic soundtrack and audio work, will satisfy even the most jaded of old school gamers (...) catchy soundtrack (...)
HardcoreGamer.com (...) I love the soundtrack and little robotic announcer voice (...)
Androidshock.com (...) funky music in there too to keep pace with the shooting antics (...)

Lead sound-design (sound fx + musics) for this Shoot'em Up developed by Realtech-VR. Ingame voice talent by MB
© 2014-2015 Alexandre Liverneaux / Goldchimes / Realtech-VR

Available on iOS, OUYA, Windows Phone, Windows 8-10, Google Play, Nvidia Tegrazon.
Awards : Top#3 best arcade game for Android + Top#10 on OUYA (april 2014)

Release date:  
September 3, 2015